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Cable Installation Guide

Install the Cable Step 2:
Make the Schoolroom Connections

Laying Down the Wires in the Jack

laying wires in the jackOf all the procedures you'll be following on NetDay, laying down the wires is one of the most important to do exactly right. The EIA 568A specification is the installation standard that makes it possible for Category 5 cable to transmit data at high speeds. If you don't follow the spec PRECISELY, the cable may still transmit data but at a much slower rate. Here's how to follow the spec:


DO keep track of A and B jacks in each schoolroom, and note them on your cut sheet. You'll label the jacks later.

DO lay the wires down in the jack exactly as shown. Different-colored wires are NOT interchangeable, and blue wires are NOT interchangeable with blue/white, orange with orange/white, etc. Note: The jack in your NetDay kit may look somewhat different from the one pictured here, but the same rule still applies.

DO keep the wires centered inside the jack. Skewing them will slow the rate of data transmission.

DO keep the cable sheath within 1/8 inch of the jack.


DON'T untwist the wires further than necessary to lay them down in the jack. Untwisted wires don't transmit data as quickly. Also, if the wires are not all color-coded, you risk mixing them up. A good way to keep from untwisting too much is to hold down the wires inside the jack with one finger while you use the other hand to pull apart the end you want to lay down. Extra twists are OK.

DON'T strip more cable sheath than necessary (about 1 1/2 to 2 inches) to do the wiring. Stripping too much sheath will slow the rate of data transmission.

Glossary of Terms