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Cable Installation Guide

Install the Cable Step 2:
Make the Schoolroom Connections

Mounting and Wiring Jacks

In Step 2, you'll complete one end of the cable connections - in the classrooms and library or computer lab. You'll mount the RJ45 jacks, and then you'll wire the schoolroom ends of the cable into the jacks.

An RJ45 jack is for making up a connection to Category 5 cable. It consists of color-coded slots - into which you'll "punch down" wires to make an electrical connection - and a female plug. The plug looks like a standard phone jack but has eight pins instead of four. You can plug a standard phone cord into the middle four pins of an RJ45 jack.

There are different ways to mount a jack. Surface mounting is easier than flush mounting, which requires that you cut openings in walls. Consult with your facilities manager to decide which way is best for your school.

Surface Mounting a Jack
Flush Mounting a Jack

Glossary of Terms