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Cable Installation Guide

Install the Cable Step 1:
Run the Cable to the Schoolrooms

Mount cable to wallsMounting Cable on the Wall

The simplest way to mount cable is to attach it to a wall. Use this method only where the cable will be out of the way of being bumped or pulled. Corners between walls or between a wall and a ceiling are good places to surface mount cable.
   Attach the cable to the wall using tie-wraps. To use "holey" tie-wraps, you'll need to drive screws. Adhesive tie-wraps are easier to mount, but you can't move them afterward.

DON'T use staples to attach cable to the wall. Because stapling is likely to pinch the cable, you will risk causing data to be transmitted at a slower rate. Stapling does not conform to the EIA 568A specification for installing Category 5 cable.

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