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Cable Installation Guide

Install the Cable Step 1:
Run the Cable to the Schoolrooms

Mounting Cable in Raceway

Another way to route cable is to enclose it in raceway, a wall-mounted channel with a removable top. Decorative raceway (also known by the brand name Wiremold) is big enough to hold two cables. You can use it to enclose cable on the wall inside a schoolroom. Raceway big enough to hold many cables is sometimes called gutter. You may decide to use it in an attic or dropped ceiling.

   Made of plastic or metal, raceway mounts with screws or an adhesive backing. Adhesive raceway (like tie-wraps) is easier to mount but can't be moved afterward. Once you've mounted the raceway, lay the cable into it and close the cover.

You may be able to lay cable in existing raceway. Consult your facilities manager. If there's raceway at your school and it contains power cable, you can't lay Category 5 cable in it. Power cable emits high-voltage fields that interfere with data transmission.

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