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Cable Installation Guide

Install the Cable Step 2:
Make the Schoolroom Connections

Flush Mounting a Jack

Before You Flush Mount a Jack: The technique you use to cut into a wall before flush mounting a jack depends on what the wall is made of. It's important to use the right technique. Check with your facilitiemudring jacks administrator before cutting into any walls to be sure you don't compromise the safety or structural integrity of the building.

To mount a jack in a box, first grasp the cable and feed it into the box through one of the slots. Then push the box into the wall opening you've cut. Tightening screws at the top and bottom of the box grips it to the wall surface.

To mount a jack in a low-voltage mounting bracket, place the bracket against the wall opening you've cut with the smooth side facing out. Push the top and bottom flanges toward the back and then up and down, respectively, so that the bracket grips the wall.

Later, you'll screw the cover plate into the box or bracket. Now the cable's ready to be wired to the jack.

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