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Cable Installation Guide

Install the Cable Step 1:
Run the Cable to the Schoolrooms

Fishing Cable Through a Wall from Above

If your school has a dropped ceiling or an unfinished attic, you can probably fish cable from there to jacks in the wall immediately below. The illustrations below show the process in reverse.

Find the wall's top plate and bore a 3/4-inch hole through it. Thread fish tape through the hole into the wall and have a helper yell when the hooked end of the tape reaches the wall opening. Your helper might need a coat hanger to grab the tape.

Connect cable to the fish tape as shown, then reel in the tape and cable. Once you've pulled the whole run, leave enough slack at the jack end to reach the floor and extend another 2 or 3 feet.

   If the fish tape hits something about halfway down the wall, you've encountered blocking nailed horizontally between studs. To get cable through, you'll need to open up the wall there and cut a notch in the blocking. Keep in mind that studs and joists are typically spaced with 14 1/2 or 22 1/2 inches between.

Step 1
Fish cable from above 1
Step 2
Fish cable from above 2
Step 3
Fish cable from above 3
Step 4
Fish cable from above 4

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