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Project Tomorrow (formerly known as NetDay) would like you to know that the information and links on this page may be outdated.

How-To Guide


Checklist for Volunteers

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Anyone can volunteer for NetDay - students, alumni, teachers, parents, grandparents, pediatricians, employees of local businesses. (Don't forget colleges and universities and their affiliated service organizations, which can offer volunteers and technical help.) It helps for schools to have several volunteers with technical expertise, but don't worry if you don't have more than one - most of the work done on NetDay requires no technical experience. Above all, NetDay is a community event, and there's a way for everyone to take part in it.

Encourage volunteers to visit the Net Day Web Site, They'll help attract more volunteers to all schools, including yours.

Here are some of the jobs that the school organizer and the technician can assign to volunteers. Also see our more complete checklist for volunteers.

Before NetDay

  • Help make sure that the school has enough volunteers.
  • Help make sure that a local business or other sponsor has bought a NetDay Wiring Kit.
  • Go to volunteer meetings and any wiring demonstrations at your school.
  • Ask local restaurants or caterers to supply breakfast, lunch, and beverages for the volunteers on NetDay.
  • Print and distribute copies of the NetDay Cable Installation Guide to other school volunteers. Show other volunteers the animated illustrations of cable installation procedures on the Web version of the guide.
  • NetDay has produced three videos as tools to help local organizers gain business support and train volunteers (available by calling 949-609-4660). Show the "NetDay Pep Rally" to local business people or other potential school sponsors. Show "The NetDay How-To Story" to other volunteers.
On NetDay
  • Be part of a cable installation team: Feed cable between the central connection point and schoolrooms; hold ladders. Volunteers with handyperson skills can be technical team leaders. Anyone can become familiar with cable installation procedures by reading the NetDay Cable Installation Guide and/or viewing the accompanying animations.
  • Be a gofer: Transport tools and equipment between teams; run errands.
  • Bring donated refreshments to the school.
  • Write up an entry for the school's NetDay diary and enter it on the school's Web page (NetDay Web site).

Volunteers without Internet access can obtain a registration form by calling NetDay at 949-609-4660. Those with internet access can register to be a volunteer through the NetDay Web site.

"Every problem we encountered was met by someone's very good idea, and the completion of our task stands as proof that members of the community can come together and work as a very good team when the project is this important."

From the March 9, 1996 NetDay diary for
American High School, Fremont, California