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Project Tomorrow (formerly known as NetDay) would like you to know that the information and links on this page may be outdated.

How-To Guide

Checklist for Volunteers

  1. Go to and search their directory of non-profit organizations to find NetDay. Or register on your school's NetDay Web site and/or call the school to say that you will be volunteering. Ask if anyone has volunteered to becoment the NetDay school organizer; if the answer is yes, find out how to get in touch with that person. If your school has enough volunteers, find another school in your community that still needs help.

    On the Web site, you can also find out all about NetDay - who's behind it (you!), a layperson's guide to installing cable, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).
  2. Go to the meeting that the school organizer holds to make plans for NetDay. The organizer will assign tasks including the following:

    Before NetDay

    • Work with the school organizer to do whatever it takes to help make sure that your school has enough volunteers. Recruit other volunteers at work, in your professional associations or clubs you belong to. Ask friends, relatives, or colleagues with network installation experience to be atechnical volunteer.

    • Work with the school organizer to ensure that the school has a sponsor for the wiring kit. Ask the company you work for, or a business in your school's community, to buy a NetDay wiring kit for your school.

    • Work with the school organizer to help publicize the school's efforts.

    • Work with the school organizer and the technician to make sure that the volunteers will have the tools and equipment they need on NetDay.

    • Go to any wiring demonstrations staged at your school. Become familiar with cable installation procedures by reading NetDay Cable Installation Guide. If you don't have access to the Internet, go to a local library.

    • Ask local restaurants or caterers to supply breakfast rolls, coffee, cold drinks, and lunch on NetDay. (Other volunteers will really appreciate it.)

    On NetDay

    • Bring work gloves, a work cap, a dust mask, safety goggles, wire snips and strippers, and any other tools or equipment that your school organizer specifies. Wear long-sleeved clothing.

    • Be part of a cable installation team: Feed cable between the central connection point and schoolrooms; hold ladders. If you have handyperson skills, you can be team leader (see Technician, above).

    • Be a gofer: Transport tools and equipment between volunteer teams; run errands.

    • Bring donated refreshments to the school.

    • Make sure that any borrowed tools are returned in good condition.

    • Write up your school's experiences and make an entry in your school's NetDay diary on the Web site.

  3. If the volunteers at your school can't get organized in time to install cable on NetDay, meet at on NetDay anyway to talk about what to do next.