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Project Tomorrow (formerly known as NetDay) would like you to know that the information and links on this page may be outdated.

How-To Guide

Checklist for Technicians

Technical Preparation

  1. Meet with the site administrator, the school organizer, and the school facilities manager or engineer to conduct a site survey, then complete a wiring plan. The facilities administrator or engineer will know how to make the work conform to code, what permitting issues are at stake, and how to avoid hazards such as asbestos.

  2. With the school or district facilities manager or engineer, document the materials needed to figure a budget. Give the school organizer a copy of the documentation and budget so that he or she can proceed with obtaining a NetDay wiring kit and other needed materials.

Volunteer Preparation

  1. Meet with the school organizer to assess the skills of the volunteers. (The Web site classifies volunteers by skill level, from experienced Category 5 cable installer to handyperson to quick learner/willing volunteer.) List the areas to be wired and assign team leaders and team members to each. Installers or other people who know how to get into ceilings, read blueprints, and use power tools make good team leaders. Five people make up an ideal team - the team leader, two people to "spot" or hold the ladder, and two more to run errands and feed the cable to the person on the ladder.

  2. If you can't find technicians to volunteer as team leaders, organize a pre-NetDay training session to show the NetDay wiring video (see the Web site or contact your state organizer for information on getting a copy).

Site Preparation

  1. Make sure that the tools and ladders are set up before the volunteers arrive; don't make people wait around to start working. You may want to ask volunteers to bring tools and equipment such as wire strippers and ladders; ask sponsors to supply more specialized wiring items such as punch-down tools and testing equipment.

  2. Clearly label the classrooms to be wired and the locations of the drops, or spots where jacks are to be installed in each schoolroom.

  3. Work with the school organizer to ensure that the NetDay kit arrives at the school in time for NetDay. See the NetDay Cable Installation Guide for a list of suggested tools and supplies.

On NetDay

  1. Before any work starts, meet with the volunteers. Walk the teams through the school to go over what they'll be doing, where to do it, and the schedule. Post the wiring plan and team assignments.

  2. A typical schedule is work from 9:00 a.m. to noon, break for lunch and photos, then go back to work until around 3 or 4 p.m. The time it takes to wire a room depends partly on the distance between the classroom and the central point; plan for about three hours per room. Monitor the teams' progress.

  3. Test the connections. Be sure to document what-ever you install.