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Project Tomorrow (formerly known as NetDay) would like you to know that the information and links on this page may be outdated.

How-To Guide

Getting Your Story Across

Overall, your public relations campaign should generate local interest. NetDay's national organizers will provide the national attention. Always prompt the media to include the Web site address ( and the NetDay phone number (949-609-4660) in their coverage to point viewers (listeners, readers) to the Web site.

Your objective, as with any public relations effort, is to advertise through the media - attracting as much attention as possible with each event that you stage. Your campaign should include elements of all of the following strategies.

  1. First, send a press kit to top-level media organizations in your community (see Promoting Your Event and Orgazation to the Press). Follow up by arranging press, radio, and television interviews with your NetDay organizer.

  2. Invite reporters to your event, and bring local educators or politicians to your event to have them talk about the need for and their support for NetDay efforts. Make sure that the events you stage are inclusive - invite everyone, and don't let any one personality or partner steal the show. Invite sponsors, celebrities, or others who will attract attention. Demonstrations and prewirings are good ways to generate pre-NetDay media coverage, and they help clarify NetDay's goal by showing volunteers at work.

  3. Encourage sponsors to stage their own press conferences to publicize their participation in their communities. Start early; corporate support makes a good story, but companies will likely be slow in responding to your proposals. You may have to wind your way through company public affairs contacts until you find support. When a company sponsors a school, it's the perfect time to arrange press coverage that the company can use to its own (and NetDay's) advantage.

  4. Publicize your event. Submit notices for community calendars, post flyers on bulletin boards in public places, and distribute flyers at the grocery story, coffee shop, and even sports events.