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How-To Guide

NetDay Public Relations Essentials

NetDay mobilizes people in a unique way by bringing them together on a Web site. Without the Web, it would be impossible to orchestrate the efforts of the thousands of volunteers and sponsors who collaborate on NetDay. NetDay demonstrates a new kind of community effort, creating community relationships that schools can continue to draw upon to improve the quality of education.

Here are some rules for your NetDay public relations effort.

Think ahead: The key to a successful, well-publicized NetDay event is preparation. Don't focus on the day itself - publicity on or after NetDay won't help you. The event's success depends on how much excitement and interest can be build before the day happens.

Hammer home your point: To get accurate news coverage, it's crucial to explain simply and clearly what volunteers will be doing on a NetDay. Be clear about what NetDay volunteers will help the schools with and provide recognition to corporate/business sponsors who are assisting in your event.

Designate a spokesperson: Designate one person to communicate with members of the news media. Establish a chain of command to cover situations in which the spokesperson isn't available and determine the best flow of information from the organizers to the spokesperson.

Take the flak: Be prepared for tough questions . Anticipating tough question will help you answer them in real-time, so draft talking points to help in anticipation of this situation.

Show how easy it is: Be creative and let the new media know that NetDay events are not just for people who love computers, but rather for community members, parents and even kids who want to make a difference. Present an opportunity for reporters to capture people having fun and demonstrate with photos that the events are rewardingfor anyone who participates.

Aim for maximum coverage: NetDay awareness, momentum, and support depends on widespread, repeated media coverage.