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What to Do with the Cable Now That You've Got It

A good idea for schools to do is to take advantage of the relationships that their community developed for NetDay - between the school and businesses, among teachers and parents and students. NetDay teams can continue working together to create a comprehensive technology plan for their school, decide what hardware to get and how to find funding for it, complete the network, and discuss ways to help teachers work new technology into their curricula.

Companies are offering schools free or substantially discounted prices on products and services related to computers, networks, and teacher training. See for education resources on the Internet.

Schools have numerous choices for Internet access. Phone companies are becoming Internet service providers, and so are many county governments. In some schools, students themselves have gone into business as providers. There are sources of funding and discounted telecommunications available from sources such as the E-rate. Be sure to check with your district or county technology office for telecommunications options available to schools.

Sidebar: Schools That Went the Extra Mile