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How-To Guide

Risk Management, Insurance, and Safety

  Sample Waiver Form
(used by an urban school district in California)

Here is a basic checklist of insurance and risk management considerations. Your school should expand on it as necessary, consulting with the school insurance provider and appropriate district administrator.

  1. Personnel liability insurance. Make sure that your school's coverage provides for people not normally present on the school grounds. In California, at least one district issued a blanket waiver covering all volunteers and union issues, but states have varying insurance requirements in schools.
  2. Auto liability insurance. Avoid allowing volunteers to operate district vehicles. Be sure that all materials are on site when volunteers arrive so that they don't have to drive on behalf of the project.
  3. Workers' compensation insurance. Check your liability coverage to be certain that volunteers will be considered employees in case of any industrial injury or illness. Consider having volunteers sign an acknowledgment form explaining that they will receive workers' compensation benefits if they become ill or injured as a result of their presence on the school site.
  4. Potential hazards. Review the school grounds for any potential lead or asbestos exposure. Deal with lead or asbestos according to regulations or seek recommendations from your insurance provider.
  5. Security. The school should be careful to provide volunteers limited, supervised access to school premises and equipment.
  6. Supervision. Be sure to provide enough supervision to conduct NetDay activities in a "reasonable, safe, and prudent" manner and to provide evidence of such if needed.
  7. Maintain a sign-in sheet, including in and out times, to keep a record of each volunteer's presence on the school site.