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Project Tomorrow (formerly known as NetDay) would like you to know that the information and links on this page may be outdated.

How-To Guide

The NetDay Kit

NetDay has negotiated an arrangement with cable manufacturers to provide NetDay wiring kits at a discount to schools anywhere in the United States. The basic kit contains

  • Two spools of Category 5 cable (1,000 feet per spool)
  • Twelve RJ45 jacks (for wiring the cable at the schoolroom ends) and faceplates
  • One 24-port patch panel (for wiring the cable at the central point)

Additional and alternative parts are available. See the NetDay Kits section of the national Web site for up-to-date information on kit contents, prices, and ordering. Organizers must make sure that tools and supplies are available for volunteers to use on NetDay. See the NetDay Cable Installation Guide for details on cable installation.