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How Sponsors Contributed in NetDay 96 in California

Netscape (Web browser software developer): Like most corporate sponsors, Netscape used its internal communications infrastructure to encourage its employees to volunteer for NetDay, sending numerous e-mail messages to all employees. As a result, many Netscape employees became NetDay volunteers. Netscape also sponsored schools by purchasing 15 equipment kits. Most important, Netscape advertised NetDay on its home page on the World Wide Web, which is seen by a million visitors a day. By applying its business expertise to the needs of schools, Netscape made a significant impact on the number of volunteers who turned out on NetDay.

Charles Schwab & Co. (financial services brokerage): Charles Schwab also encouraged its employees to volunteer and purchased kits for schools. In addition, its employees made an exceptional effort - organizing internal brown-bag lunches to discuss their NetDay plans and to rally more and more volunteers. Outside the company, employees recruited friends, other colleagues, and other companies as NetDay volunteers and partners. On NetDay, they banded together to wire an entire school, showing that company volunteers can make extremely effective teams.

KPIX (television station): The media have a unique capacity to promote NetDay. In addition to reporting on NeDay events as news, KPIX became a sponsor, running special NetDay segments and advertising.