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How-To Guide
Cable Installation

Cable installation works in three stages. First, volunteers run the cables from a central point to the schoolrooms (five classrooms and library or computer lab). Second, they mount wall jacks and wire the schoolroom ends of the cables into the jacks. Third, they wire the central end of each cable to a kind of "switchboard" called a patch panel at the central point. (The sample wiring plan shows the layout of a basic NetDay installation.) The technician tests the installation at the end of the day.

For details on installing cable, see the NetDay Cable Installation Guide. For information on ordering "The NetDay How-To Story" wiring demonstration video, contact the NetDay office. Technical volunteers may stage wiring demonstrations for your school or district.

After NetDay, students and teachers will be able to plug computers into the jacks. The patch panel will make it possible for a technician to connect those computers to one another (forming a LAN) and to the outside (linking to the Internet or other wide area network).

"Today I showed up at Jefferson Elementary School. I had just found out about this late last night and couldn't notify anyone. I was put to work right away installing cable - I held ladders and communicated on the radio. It was such a feeling of accomplishment just to know that children would benefit from my being there. What a feeling, what a rush!"

From the March 9, 1996, NetDay diary for Linda Vista
Elementary School, Pasadena, California