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How-To Guide
Why Be a NetDay Sponsor?

Here are some reasons to sign on as a NetDay sponsor. Notice that on a scale ranging from altruistic to exclusively self-serving, most fall closer to self-serving. It doesn't matter what motivates a sponsor: The beauty of NetDay is that what's good for a sponsor is good for schools.

Smarter schools, smarter kids: Business participation in NetDay makes for better schools, more educated, technology-savvy kids, and in the long run a more competitive economy.

Public relations: Organizations can use their NetDay participation to help develop a corporate image as a contributor to the community and to schools.

Employee relations: Participation in a NetDay event helps builds employee morale because it gives employees a chance to make a big difference in their communities.

Long-term investment:In the Information Age, companies need technically literate employees to help grow the economy -- wiring the schools helps achieve this goal.

Organizers can use NetDay's visibility and positive image as incentives. Hold a press conference with a senator or a mayor - so that the papers and the evening news will cover it - and invite participation by organizations that buy 100 NetDay kits. Organizers can prod potential partners by telling them how many kits their competitors have donated.

Tax benefits: Donations to schools may be tax deductible.