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NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge Program
Program Objectives for 2001-2003


Getting Things Done

  1. Members have increased computer accessibility by repairing, refurbishing and configuring more than 8,500 computers in classrooms and technology labs at NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge schools.

  2. Members have trained 2,239 teachers to use software programs, research educational web sites and create technology-infused lesson plans. Teachers in the schools where NetDay has had a presence have more confidence in their skills and in their computing equipment.

  3. Members have coached 26,779 students during and after school on using technology to practice basic skills and improve critical thinking and research skills.


Useful Links

Mississippi Delta, Mississippi

Santa Ana, California

Rio Grande Valley,Texas

Oakland, California

Detroit, Michigan


Member Development

  1. NetDay created TechBridge to train members in the skills they need to make a difference with technology at schools and in their community: education concepts, technology resources appropriate for schools, citizenship, and mentoring.

  2. All members received training in conflict resolution, problem solving, teamwork, diversity awareness, and planning for life after their volunteer service.

  3. All members put their training in civic responsibility to use by conducting a needs assessment of their local communities and developing programs to address issues.

Strengthening Communities

  1. By strengthening communities, NetDay programs have a multiplier effect and build the foundation for sustainability.

  2. Members and staff have nurtured more than 60 partnerships with community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and other AmeriCorps programs to share resources and activities.

  3. Members planned community service activities on national days of service to strengthen partnerships and engage more than 800 adult and youth volunteers.